Purr Programming

Thoughts on interspecies pair programming

May 19, 2013


The idea of Purr Programming started when we wrote this article.  Since that time we have been practicing and working on improving our purr programming skills.  This site is dedicated to sharing our experiences and helping others to experience the benefits of what we feel is the next evolutionary step in software craftsmanship.  Through this we have also developed a core set of beliefs.

The Purr Programming Manifesto

As both cats and humans we recognize that cats are intelligent and offer a lot to the field of computing.  From a young age many cats show a keen interest in technology,  be it taking a nap on a laptop,  sleeping in laptop cases,  chasing mice and most importantly sitting on the desk when humans are programming.  Through this the human side of many development teams are beginning to appreciate the contribution that felines bring to the craft of software development.

Using Software Craftsmanship and pair programming as foundations we have come to realize that many of these techniques can allow us,  and multi-species development teams to continue to improve our craft to write high quality code.

Through this we have come to value:

Head Bonks and Pats on the Head over heavy processes and tools

Meows,  Blips and Nudges over long drawn out status meetings

Collaboration and Equal Time at the Keyboard over one person doing all of the work

Flexibility,  Laser Pointers and Tuna over rigid plans,  silly dress codes and and boring food.  


While there can be value in the things on the right we value the things on the left more.