Purr Programming

Thoughts on interspecies pair programming

May 7, 2015





As craftsman attention to detail is very important to us.  That is why we use American Apparel cotton shirts.  These shirts were carefully chosen by master purr programmer Allie Gleason based on the following criteria

  • fit
  • comfort (both on a human and as a cat bed)
  • ability to pick up cat hair






Each shirt goes through a rigorous quality inspection process including:

  • A smell test.
  • Visual inspection
  • Final “Cat Scan” order verification.


    We currently have the logo with a guy in both women’s and men’s sizes.  We are also working on a logo with woman along with sticker designs by the end of May along with a limited run of mens fitted shirts. If you have any feedback or questions please contact us at purrprogramming@gmail.com or @purrprogramming on twitter.